To improve and optimise meaningful OUTCOMES for brands and rights owners from sponsorship and partnership activities.

PACL: Dealing in INSIGHTS, not assumptions


Too many brands use assumption when planning and evaluating partnerships. Assumptions mislead and result in wastage.

Our services are underpinned by an in-depth understanding of how and why partnerships actually work for brands.

Our knowledge and insights have been refined over 18 years consulting with brands, evaluating their investments and through study of behavioural psychology and neuroscience theory as well the latest marketing theory.

We’ve proven time and again that even small tweaks to strategies and tactical plans can reduce costs whilst maintaining or improving brand outcomes.

PACL: Dealing in INSIGHTS, not assumptions


At the heart of all successful partnership activity is a relationship between the audience and an entity that they genuinely care about.

Brands that understand this relationship and the role they play in it, can unlock the value of partnership activity.

Understanding this relationship is crucial to the development of robust strategies, engaging executions and effective evaluation.

PACL: Dealing in INSIGHTS, not assumptions


Measuring to justify success or prove impact doesn’t help brands improve investments and often results in a lack of objectivity.

PACL’s evaluation services are geared towards UNDERSTANDING, LEARNING and IMPROVING.

We help our clients understand HOW and WHY their activities perform, what their activity is delivering and how they can IMPROVE both effectiveness and efficiency.

A fresh perspective delivers new insights and ideas

PACL: Dealing in INSIGHTS, not assumptions


Our independent consultancy and evaluation services provide the insights and direction that enable brands to achieve gold medal partnership performance.

Specifically we support brands by:

  • Developing new or improving existing strategies
  • Forecasting returns and setting targets
  • Improving and optimising existing investments
  • Identifying genuine outcomes
  • Rationalising portfolios

Our clients: save money and achieve more

PACL: Dealing in INSIGHTS, not assumptions